About Us

Our Mission

Having experienced the devastation of two of our children being born with heart defects and then spending countless days in the hospital 200+ miles away from home, we understand the financial burden placed on families with critically ill children. We want to help families focus on what is most important, their sick child, and not where their next meal is coming from or how they will afford to travel back and forth to their home.

The mission of Ansley's Rainbows of Hope is to ease the financial burden experienced by families of critically ill children receiving care at a distant hospital.

Although we know we cannot take away the pain of seeing your child suffer, we can help meet some of your basic needs. If you need assistance with food, lodging, gas and other travel expenses, let your hospital case manager or nurse know.

Our Vision

There is no greater gift than hope. It was what kept Robert and I going as we watched our children suffer. These families are hurting, and to be able to love on them, pray with them, and share our hope, means the world.

The vision of Ansley's Rainbows of Hope it to offer Christian love and hope to the families of these critical children.

Our community needs love and needs hope. Our prayer is that the families we serve will one day pay it forward. There are endless possibilities if they do!

We strive to meet with each and every family we serve. If it is not possible, due to location, we will try to send someone in our stead. We do not force our faith on anyone, but we do offer to pray with them.

We begin and end every board meeting with prayer. We want to do the Lord’s work and we want His guidance in every decision we make. We want our endeavors to support our mission and vision.

Lachlan with his mom and dad after open heart surgery

Lachlan with his mom and dad after open heart surgery