Meet Christian


We first met Christian and his mom in late February of 2017. They had been involved in a horrific car accident just outside of Savannah on February 11th. Christian sustained a traumatic brain injury as a result of the crash, and to be honest, I was not sure he would make it. I cannot tell you what a blessing it has been watching God heal him right in front of our eyes.  Not only is Christian mentally find, but he is talking, eating and has just started taking steps holding onto his mother's hand! He was at Memorial Health in Savannah for just over a month and is now at the rehab center at CHOA. He is only expected to need therapy there for three weeks and then he will be returning home. God is so good! I am so honored to have been a witness to this miracle.

Ansley's Rainbows of Hope purchased clothing for his mom, wound care supplies, and gave her cafeteria gift cards.

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